On this website you can read a little about me, my projects (websites and apps), which experiences I have and you can contact me. I will update the site regularly with news from my different projects and if I have something interesting to share, which you can read in the newsfeed below. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback to some of the projects or me :-)

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I have a degree in computer science, which I graduated from in 2014, where my finishing main task was development of a Windows Phone app for a large, danish IT company. I have a solid knowledge of .NET programming from my education and my many hobby projects, primarily apps and web development. I now work at ITXpress, where I focus on web development, app development and backend programming along with other exciting tasks. I enjoy working on apps and website projects in my sparetime, whenever I have the time and a good idea, and to start developing something new is always very motivational to me as it expands my knowledge and experience and I get to make something other people (hopefully) find useful and interesting.
My goals for the future is to improve my skills in software development and keep experimenting with the newest technologies. My main focus used to be on Windows Phone app development, but have changed to web development on sites like my radio portal site; Netradio.nu.
Privately I live with my wife and 2 children in a small house in Viborg, Denmark, which is a nice and quiet place. Besides programming, I run 2-3 times a week and plays badminton once a week. I'm very interested in foreign cultures, history and experiencing new things, and I've travelled to many places around the world in the past and I plan to keep doing that in the future as well :-)
I've been working with many different web technologies and I really enjoy working on websites. Below is a list of the technologies I've been using the most, for instance on this site and my internet radio portal: Netradio.nu

I've created a lot of Windows apps since I graduated from education, ranging from very small and simple apps to large apps connected to Onedrive, using GPS, Geofences and more. I'm not currently working on any apps, as my primary focus is on web development. I continue to update the apps already in the store if needed though.

During my app and website projects, it has always almost been neccessary to have some kind of backend to make the project really useful for the users. I prefer to use Microsoft SQL when it comes to databases and Web API for backend services.

Besides the areas mentioned above, I also have a little experience in some other fields.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the site, my projects or something else. You're also welcome to contact me through the social medias - the links for these are at the bottom of the page.

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I enjoy working with web development, which is my primary work area at my job today. I've been working on some different websites since graduated, which is listed below. I spend some of my sparetime working on web development, partly because I enjoy it and partly because it helps me gain experience, which I think is important when you work as a developer.

I've made this website as my personal website, where visitors can find information about me, which areas I have experience with, educations, my projects and how to get in contact with me. Everything is made from scratch by myself, and based on some of the most used and popular web technologies today: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Angular, ASP.NET MVC, Web API.

A website containing all the most popular, danish webradio stations, which can be streamed directly from the site with. It's built to be easy and fast to use, while offering the users many useful features like playlists, favorite lists and so on.

Find the information you need about almost every TV show you can imagine, with many useful features such as search, favoritelist, email reminders, episode calendar, news and much more. Works perfectly fine on desktop as well as mobile devices and is built to be simple ans fast to use.
Here you can take a look at the apps I've made since I started developing apps during my education. You can sort the apps by platform and there's a direct link to the store for each app, if you want to try it out or read more about it. I'm not developing any new apps at the moment, but I'm updating the current apps if needed and is answering feedback from users.